A Dose of Reality

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I remember back in the States I would arrive at the bus stop,Guest Posting check the bus schedule that was posted there and sit down patiently for my bus to arrive. The schedule said that my bus was going to arrive at 9:17 am and sure enough, at 9:16 am, I see it approaching from a block away. I hear that familiar hissing of the breaks as it calmly comes to a stop in front of me and lets me on board. Pulling out once again into traffic, it takes me to where I need to go safely and without hitches. A calm, reliable way to get to work when one doesn’t have a car. I remember those days………… barely.

When I told my girlfriend, (who is Oaxacan of course), that I wanted to write an article about the Oaxacan public transportation system she grabbed my shoulders and said, “No, please don’t!” So I would like to publicly offer an apology to her because I’m going to do it anyway. So please accompany me, my friends, on my daily bus trip from my house into Oaxaca city.

Arriving at an unmarked bus stop a block away from my house, I pull out my 4 pesos and 50 cents that it costs to get on the bus. I always try to have change because the bus drivers almost never do. As I wait, I see the usual people arriving. The woman with the dark blue bank uniform, the crazed mother with the 2 children on their way to school that always seems to be late and, of course, the sexy young woman in tight jeans with a mirror in front of her face curling her eyelashes with a spoon.

10 Things To Do in Virginia Beach

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Moving to a new area gives people an opportunity to look around to see what is available to do for entertainment. Here is a list of ten things you can do once you move to Virginia Beach, Virginia.

1) Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center: This is one of Virginia’s most popular museums. The museum contains aquariums with over 800,000 total gallons of water. It take visitors on a journey though Virginia via water. There is an indoor Coastal River Room where birds and turtles roam free and a 50,000 gallon aquarium with the largest collection of Chesapeake Bay fish in the world.

Visitors can also schedule Whale Watching or Dolphin Watching ocean excursions or can take a trip on the Miss Virginia Beach, a science museum special excursions craft that allows visitors the chance to trawl for fish and marine invertebrates.

2) The Cape Henry Lighthouse is the oldest government-built lighthouses in America and the traditional symbol of Virginia Beach.

3) Adventure Cruise company offers two cruises daily, the Adventure Cruise on the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, and the Sunset Cruise. Look for dolphins, ships, pelicans, and lighthouses while aboard this boat that includes an upper sun deck and a shaded deck below. Sailing times are 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

4) The Ocean Breeze Waterpark features a million gallon wave pool and 16 slides.

5) Oceana Naval Air Station is one of the Navy’s four major jet bases. It covers 6,000 acres and is home to over 9,700 Navy personnel. There are 8 F-14 Tomcat fighter squadrons and 11 F/A 18 Hornet squadrons stationed at this base. Tours of the base are available via the Hampton Roads Transit bus.

6) The Signature West Neck is the latest golf masterpiece by Arnold Palmer. There are 13 lakes, picturesque natural wetlands, stone-walled bulkheads fronting the 11th and 18th holes of this beautiful golf course. This semiprivate 7,002 yard, par 72 championship course features Tifsport Bermuda tees and fairways, as well as A-4 bent grass greens, making the course fun for golfers of all skill levels.

7) Old Donation Episcopal Church dates back to 1736. The original building was destroyed and then rebuilt in 1916 using the remains of the original walls.

8) Owl Creek Family Gold Center is a tough 3,793 yard, par 62 executive golf course was designed by Brook Parker. This course features shots challenged by giant pine, oak, and cypress trees, as well as natural and man-made water hazards and towering 40 foot sand dunes.

9) Francis Land House is a 200 year old Georgian style plantation home. The house features period rooms furnished with antiques and the grounds include a formal garden.

10) Lynnhaven Dive Center operates two custom dive boats which takes visitors to see the Graveyard of the Atlantic. In this area of the ocean, the cold waters of the Labrador Current collide with the warm waters of the Gulf Stream flowing from Caribbean Sea. The hazards of severe weather, strong currents, and navigational challenges combined to cause the loss of more than 2,000 ships since people began keeping records in 1526.

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Reputation Management is the Answer How Your Business Is Perceived

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Is it true that you are keen on finding out about dealing with your standing? Have you been searching for accommodating and solid data? Indeed, this article will ensure you get a few strong ideas. It will assist you with sorting out some way to more readily deal with your standing.

Posting data via online media locales is essential to your business’ standing. You should post a few times each week at any rate to actually run an advertising effort. Assuming you see that posting via online media locales is overpowering, consider recruiting an aide to make your posts for you.

At the point when individuals invest in some opportunity to offer something about your business, it is vital that you are sufficiently gracious to answer. While you might be an extremely bustling individual, it shows your crowd that you really care about them and what they need to say. This is imperative to keep a consistent client base.

At the point when you talk with your crowd, ensure that you do as such in a conversational tone. Individuals try to avoid the possibility of entrepreneurs continuously addressing them with promoting to them. While you would like to make a deal, you ought to never cause a client to feel like this is your main concern.

Be grateful. Assuming somebody leaves a decent audit about your organization, send them an individual message and express gratitude toward them for their criticism. On the off chance that conceivable, send your client a coupon for a specific percent off on their next buy as a much obliged. In the event that this is preposterous, earnestly say thanks to them for their input.